Shari Krauser is a Movement facilitator, Body worker, Visionary, Intuitive Spiritual Coach and Healer with 27 years experience in the field of healing and energy work. As a certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, Massage Therapist, and Nia Instructor, she offers her clients a unique combination of education, training and personal empowerment. Her association with Spiritual master teachers and healers has enabled her to further master her own spiritual gifts, ground her practices, and share the teachings with others. Shari employs her commitment to enlightenment and consciousness in helping others to shine on their self-healing pathways.

Shari holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Teaching. She works closely with clients from all walks of life, including children and animals. With a skillful awareness of how to balance, center, and maintain herself as a healer, she can be completely present to her client’s needs, providing the safety and support for them to empower themselves.

Shari often combines her Intuitive Energy Healing, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Intuitive Spiritual Coaching and Movement Facilitation to provide emotional, physical, mental and spiritual support and balance. Shari recognizes that we are all multi-dimensional beings. A combination of energy balancing and intuitive guidance allows clients to relax within their own divine timing, enabling the release of blocks in a safe space. Awakening to their true inner voice, Shari’s clients benefit from her many techniques, such as:

Shari has also worked and received training in dance, voice, reflexology and astrology.

Her mission is to empower people to find spirit and support within. Assisting in the betterment of humanity is her life’s work. Shari offers her gifts to help spread love, peace, and unity consciousness throughout the world.

Shari's renowned healing sessions are open to people of all ages: infants, children, teens, expectant and post partum mothers, adults, and seniors. Shari's healing gift extends to animals too. To schedule a session with Shari, please contact her Here.