My journey as a hands on healer began in 1993 when my beloved cat Spencer introduced me to Energy Healing and transmission; a wonderful gift I look back on in gratitude and praise. Upon his birth, he came into this world with many ailments, that I was informed, “was just a cold". Noticing that his condition worsened, I applied my hands intuitively to call in the healing energies to return him to right order, perfect balance and vibrant health. Within the next ten minutes, he snapped back to his normal behavior, running around, filled with life force energy. The next day, while he was well, I awakened sick! Thus, I received my first lesson and gift, “how not to heal others by taking on their blockages when applying healing”… My journey continued working with coworkers and friends, when they were not well. I would generally offer my aid in person, or by telephone. Their response in rectification and balance was astonishing, as backaches, neck pains, headaches, were gone! I then knew there was really something to Intuitive Energy Healing, that as a child I had no explanation for, except it works!

Intuitive Energy Healing and Reiki is ideal for use with animals, who innately understand and respond to these non-invasive healing modalities. As with any being, it is important to remember that they chose their healing through their divine will. Using healing energy to dissipate disease, illness, pain, or blocks is ultimately up to the animal or person receiving energy healing.

A session with an animal takes much less time than with a human being. Animals relax to take in the energy; when they are filled, they will usually shake or leave, indicating they are finished with the treatment. The animal has control over the amount of energy received.

As a complement to veterinary medicine, Energy Healing for animals can release endorphins, stimulate cellular and tissue repair, boost the immune system, and relieve headaches, liver and kidney problems, as well as arthritis and joint problems.

Energy Healing and Reiki can correct any imbalances, resulting in divine harmony, relaxation, and improved life force energy. Treatments can be facilitated by physically placing hands on the animal or by sitting near them. Sessions can also take place over the phone or through remote meditation; long distance healing. As the facilitator, Shari is a divine channel from source, allowing the client to choose their own healing. In essence, her animal friends and human clients are the true healers!

Please contact Shari for more information or to schedule a private session.