Reiki Healing Classes
with Reiki Master Teacher: Shari Krauser

Everyone can heal by laying on hands to transmit basic life energy. It is a fundamental human capacity. The Reiki system for healing with the hands is based on a tradition that allows practitioners to consciously direct energy for the benefit of other people, and also for animals and plants.

The training and the attunements enable students to channel this fundamental life force strongly, clearly, and effortlessly to benefit others, as well as themselves, at any time.

The Reiki I class is for everyone with a sincere interest in health and healing. It is a practical and effective way to help the health and well being of family members and friends, or anyone who is hurt or sick. $200 tuition, $100 deposit.

The Reiki II class is for people who have completed level I, and who are ready to take a quantum leap in knowledge and ability to the practitioner level. $300 tuition, $100 deposit.

Certificates awarded for Reiki I & II

For the current schedule or for private group certification, please Contact Shari.