“Santa Fe is graced with a great number of gifted intuitive healers, a reality I regard as a resource to the nation. With her special gifts and experience, Shari Krauser is among the brightest of lights in this group.”
S. M, Author, Healer

"I've been involved with energetic vibrational medicine for over 30 years, and it's very rare you come across energy work that is this special- this was my experience with Shari! The accuracy of her medical intuition was spot on. She immediately honed in on my heart and lungs, identifying the stress and the emotional issues behind them. Shari impeccably surged my body to remove the blocked energy spots and stress that accumulated in my heart and lungs which was blocking my energy throughout my body. The results, relief, and removal of that stress through Shari's gifts are profound!"
B.M, Vibrational Energy Medicine Practitioner

"Shari took one look at my dog, and she immediately knew my dog's life was at risk. She tuned in and communicated with her, then applied her healing hands and energy to help her regain a normal heart rate. Shari worked with my dog for an hour and half. Thereafter, she stated to me, she felt my dog had a stroke or was on the verge of one. I called the vet to do a check up, and he confirmed Shari was correct in her assessment, my dog had a stroke! I was blown away, my dog showed no signs of stroke as to my knowledge of what a stroke looks like. We are so grateful to Shari for her healing and intuitive skills. My dog is night and day since Shari's healing. She is running and hiking everyday, has ample energy flow, and is calm and peaceful. She's like a young dog again, thank you Shari!"
F. A , Psychotherapist

"As a new client, Shari made me feel at ease and very comfortable, through my fears and reservations regarding energy work and the possibility of this alternative method of healing working for me. As she began our session, she intuitively focused on my shoulder which was a source of pain. Her hands were very cool but I began to feel a warm “ball” inside my shoulder. Shari picked up on the places that I either have had problems in the past or have currently. Every day since our session I feel as if the soreness and pain are healing. I personally felt better & more relaxed than after any massage I have ever gotten! I am a believer! Thank you Shari for everything!"
C. F, Business Owner

"When I first met Shari I did not realize the impact that this gifted person was going to have on my mind, body and spirit. I was going through a lot painful changes and realizations in my life and the knowledge and unique abilities that she brought to the session were truly a gift. She is a unique, caring, giving and most importantly, knowledgeable person that you want giving your session that will bring in tune with your bodies needs."
G. D, Business Owner

"My healing journey with Shari was undoubtedly one of the most relaxing sessions I have every experienced. I had chronic back pain for over one month. Immediately upon feeling Shari's hands and energy radiate into my body, I could sense relief and relaxation from my pain and stress!"
R. R, Massage therapist

“Shari looked at who I was when I walked through the door energetically and called out specific areas of work. The first thing she did was completely change my diet. The results were almost immediate. I began to lose weight and felt much better. The color therapy/body scans she did allowed her to see and pinpoint specific areas of weaknesses that I carried with me. Once identified, she began to dig into why those areas were weak and where that weakness stemmed from. Her targeted approach to providing healing allowed me to not only remove the symptoms but more importantly discover the cause and then elect to do something about it. While these sessions often times uncovered uncomfortable emotions and painful memories, they were necessary to the clearing/grounding I had requested we do. I trusted Shari to guide me on the journey of healing and she did not let me down. It is a year and half later and I have not had any problems keeping off the 20+ pounds that I had gained through poor dietary choices. Shari’s ability to look inside my body using her intuitive skills and see what I needed, continues to provide me the relief I desired when I walked through the door. Through her ability to access messages from past loved ones (both humans and animals, she was able to put my heart in a better place around relationships that I shared with both humans and animals in my life both living and deceased. I am forever grateful for the help and guidance that Shari's provided.”
D. L, Business consultant

"With Shari simply holding my feet to begin the session, there was a profound sense of warmth, calm and healing that flowed throughout my body. There were points when I felt so light that I thought I might be floating upwards. And there was the peculiar sensation of more than just her presence and her hands healing me. Shari brings her own strong healing force to a session along with an otherworldly sense of others there to assist her. Perhaps it is simply the Universal power of love that Shari brings to her work!"
L. H Business Owner
"After my session with Shari I felt like I slept for 4 years. The next 2 weeks was able to sleep in an extra 2 hrs each morning. Thank you Shari for helping!!"
B.R, Business owner

"I don't know what shari did or how she did it, but I feel awesome!!"
S. L, Spa employee

"Shari is one of the most incredible energy healer and massage professionals I have ever met."
N. M, Business Owner

"Absolutely amazing, Shari fixed my chronic neck pain, completely gone!"
A. M, Fashion design

"Her Reiki and Energy Healing sessions are life changing."
J. S, Contemporary Artist